Children's Corner Child Care Center

119 Oxford Street North
Auburn, MA 01501
Massachusetts US
Phone Number: 
(508) 832-5417
Year round - with extended day hours available
7:30 am-5:30 pm
7:30 am-5:30 pm
7:30 am-5:30 pm
7:30 am-5:30 pm
7:30 am-5:30 pm
Year Founded: 
Hala Laverdure
Agency Information
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Infant Openings: 
Toddler Rates: 
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Toddler Openings: 
Preschool Rates: 
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Preschool Openings: 
School Age Rates: 
Limited School Age Care (5-9.5 years old) Before and After School Care
School Age Openings: 
NAEYC Accredidation: 
Teacher to Child Ratio: 

Infants 7:3, Toddlers 9:2, PS and limited age 20:2

Childcare Agency of the Month Questions

Early Childhood Central's Child Care Agency for the month of July is Children's Corner Child Care Center, located at 119 Oxford Street, Auburn, MA.  We spoke with Hala Laverdure, Director, to learn more about this Agency that works closely with children to help develop a positive self esteem and social/cognitive skills.

What do you want the children in your care to gain while in your program?: 

We would like to see the children in our care gain positive self confidence, grow physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. To become successful adults by giving them a head start on their future.

What sets your Agency apart from the other area Agencies?: 

Our child care program is designed to meet the developmental needs of young children. It provides experiences that enrich and enhance each child’s cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical and creative development.

Within the center’s daily schedule, each child has opportunities to create, to explore the environment, learn problem solving and personal interaction skills, and learn concepts through first-hand experiences.

Our staff members serve as positive role models and provide care that is supportive, nurturing, warm and responsive to each individual child’s needs. We respect parents as the primary and most important provider of care and nurturing, and we believe parents and teachers are partners in children’s care and education.

Do you have the resources to accept special needs children?: 

Yes, we are handicapped accessible, and we have serviced special needs with the assistance of UMASS Early Intervention and Together for kids.

What is your Agency’s educational philosophy?: 

Our Philosophy is to meet and enhance the developmental needs of our children socially, cognitively, emotionally, physically and creatively. To develop positive self esteem, to learn concepts through first hand experience and to problem solve.

Have you had an “aha” moment with a child and/or a surprising result from the use of a classroom activity?: 

Just before the end of the day one afternoon, I sat for 5 minutes with a 22 months old girl and introduced her to “My Baby Can Read Book”. I showed her three pictures one of a nose, eyes and hands clapping. I also showed her the three words. After doing this for few minutes I closed the book and waited for about 5 minutes. This time I only opened the book on the words. Not knowing what to expect, I put my finger underneath the word eyes and asked her what the word was. To my surprise she said eyes. I could not believe what just happened. I did the same with the other 2 words and she knew them. After reading each word, I showed her the picture so she knows that she was right. I could not wait for dad to surprise him. The surprise and joy were wonderful. That was a great moment.

Is there anything else about your Agency that you would like to be mentioned?: 

Our center is located minutes away from all major Highways.

Some of our staff speak a second language such as; Spanish, protégées and Arabic.

We find that speaking a second language is very comforting to the child and the parent. Communication becomes easier among the parent, child and staff.