Letter: The high returns of early childhood education

Eve Gilmore 508-792-0220

Publication Date: 
January 4, 2017

As seen in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette on December 25, 2016.

The article, "Preschool ed needs leaders, funding" by Steven Foskett Jr. (12/16), was significant and timely. Worcester is innovative in its agencies' partnerships and collaborations, a model for the state. It's fortunate to have knowledgeable and resourceful advocates as Eve Gilmore and Kim Davenport to support development of more programs for under-served young children in Worcester.

All cities and towns, especially Gateway communities, need to leverage contributions at the local level and collaborate with area businesses to fund education and care for birth-to-age 5. James Heckman, Nobel Prize recipient, has researched the benefits and high returns of quality, comprehensive early childhood education: http://heckmanequation.org/content/resource/lifecycle-benefits-influenti...

I urge supporting Bill HD 4094 to fund early education with 1.75-2 percent of the current MA sales tax. Email your representatives, senators and Rep. William Galvin, chair of the Rules Committee, which will review the bill next month.

The price for early education and care is an investment and not a cost.

Cecile Tousignant