About Us

Edward Street Child Services is a private, non-profit agency that has a long tradition of promoting quality care for all preschool age children. Edward Street is dedicated to promoting the growth of children and strengthening the family by improving the delivery of early learning services in the city of Worcester through interagency collaborations, resource development, and direct funding of programs designed to address the social, intellectual, emotional, and physical needs of each child.

After 120 years of providing direct services in early childhood education and childcare, the Board of Directors of Edward Street Day Care Center voted to close the Center and sell its assets. This decision came about after over ten years of discussion by the Board concerning the mission and role that Edward Street Day Care ought to play in the Worcester community.

In many ways, the closing of Edward Street Day Care Center's facilities and direct care services are a victory for the Agency and the Worcester community. Long ago Edward Street Day Care Center accomplished its original mission and intent to see that the Worcester community was sensitive to the needs of working families for quality childcare. Over the years, Edward Street Day Care Center was the model agency for early childhood education and childcare in Worcester. Today, there are many fine childcare centers in Worcester that serve the needs of children and families.

Edward Street Day Care has always been a leader in dealing with the issues of early childhood education and childcare. Over the past decade, it has become increasingly more difficult for a private agency, such as Edward Street, to provide direct services and, at the same time, meet the agency's mission. Conditions, such as lack of skilled childcare professionals; lack of client family parenting skills; poor funding leading to poor teacher pay and benefits; and an increasing need to provide more and more social services to it's clients, have meant less and less focus on child education and development.

In its new role, Edward Street is a project-oriented organization working in collaboration with Worcester agencies and childcare providers to define and implement the shared vision of quality childcare in Worcester. The six areas of focus are:

  • Family Involvement and Empowerment
  • School Readiness
  • Strengthening Childcare Centers
  • Teacher Training and Education
  • Community Education and Advocacy
  • Integrated Community Services Related to Childcare